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Visiting Bethlehem? Here’s What to See on Your Self-Guided Tour!

Visiting Bethlehem? Here’s What to See on Your Self-Guided Tour!


It’s a biblical city. It’s the birthplace of Jesus Christ. And as a result, it’s significant to many world religions.


On your next tour to Palestine, we highly recommend a visit. And there’s no better way to visit Bethlehem than through a self-guided tour!




On a self-guided tour, you get to explore the location alone.


And that’s what you need in such a spiritual location. You need the space to see your surroundings without feeling too crowded.


Today, we’ll help you make that a reality. We have a list to help you design a self-guided tour.


Check it out, and add what you see on a “to visit” list!



#1 – Star Street.

This is a good starting point. Star Street is a place that leads to other attractions further down the list.


At this location, you’ll find a tourism marketplace. Here, you’ll find craftsmen that sell both pearl and olive wood artifacts.


You can also consider it an “entertainment center” of Bethlehem. It’s a social place, and is a frequent visit spot during festivals.


It’s a mark of Bethlehem’s traditions and social life. And it has been like that for hundreds of years.



#2 – Palestine Center.

It’s located in the Old City of Bethlehem. And it isn’t that far away from Star Street.


There, you’ll find a street full of boutique shops. The items you’ll find are excellent for souvenir shopping too!


Plus, there’s a restaurant there. You’ll find a good selection of drinks and meals to enjoy your old city tour!



#3 – Manger Square.

We’re still in the Old City. Manger Square isn’t too far from Palestine Center (you can walk there and back).


Otherwise, this place is a must-visit. It’s both a modern life hub and a landmark religious site.


As for the modernity part, you’ll find a multitude of shops, cafes, and tourist services nearby.


In terms of religious significance, the Church of Nativity, St. Catherine’s Church, and Mosque of Omar are close to the square.


Speaking of those…



#4 – Church of Nativity.

This is the oldest church in the Holy Land (that’s currently active).


The Church of Nativity is considered the birthplace of Christ. The chapel there was built as far back as the 2nd century.


It’s also a place to witness art history. This Church has been constantly renovated throughout its activity.


As a result, you’ll find a fusion of different artistic styles, and from a variety of eras!



#5 – Mosque of Omar.

This is the only mosque in the Old City. But it’s a beautiful piece of architecture.


The Mosque of Omar was built in 1860. As the name suggests, it was built in honor Omar Bin Al-Khattab, the 2nd Muslim Caliph.


This mosque would be renovated twice after its development – once in 1955, and again in 2004.


You’ll find its greatest level of activity during Ramadan. It’s a time when most individuals gather for collective night prayers.



Is That All?

Absolutely not. There’s a lot to visit in Bethlehem.


The city itself is charming, and your tour should cover everything!


If you check a map, you’ll find your touring distance to be a mile (1.6 KM). Basically, you can tour the location on foot.


But you’ll still need a tool to organize what you’ll visit first. And for that, we recommend GPS my City.


It’s an excellent mapping tool with live-use features. And it’ll help you keep track of where you, and where you’ll go.


It’s a necessity in the environment of Bethlehem, especially if you plan on a self-guided tour or just join one of our Guided Tours and enjoy Bethlehem and don't worry much we have it all handled for you.

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