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Virgin Mary’s Well, Beit Sahour

Virgin Mary’s Well, Beit Sahour

Where is Mary's Well of Bethlehem/Beit Sahour?

It is inside the Old City of Beit Sahour A Very important and biblical City that is next to Bethlehem and many Biblical Events happened here mentioned in Genesis with Jacob and King David Roaming these lands as shepherd and then the First evangelists the Shepherds announcing the Birth of Baby Jesus.

This is Very Interesting Site that Relate to Christian Tradition, as far as we know it was was Built by Prophet Jacob, after the Death of his Second Beloved Wife Rachel he lived Near Migdal Eder Watch Tower - Tower of the Flock In the Current City of Beit Sahour - Bethlehem.

Virgin Mary Well Beit Sahour Bethlehem

Flight to Egypt Story of the Virgin Mary's Well in Beit Sahour - Bethlehem

While Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus was traveling to Egypt from Milk Grotto Location or Saint Joseph Church Location ( Both these places believed that the holy family lived there ), they were Afraid of King Herod the Great to kill the child, They Stopped there to Drink from the Well and it was so deep and no bucket to draw water.

Mary Asked one of the Women there to offer her some Water but the woman refused and Mary o well rise and rise, and she drank water and then the water level returned back to normal, it was a Miracle and till today it is the same water level doesn't increase or decrease even though many locals and travelers drink from it everyday, always the same level it stays.

According to Tradition Many Miracles happened from healing Patients to apparitions, The Current Church Building goes back to 1969 AD, A Greek Nun Came to visit the Well as she was told by Virgin Mary and upon drinking from the Well she recovered from a very serious illness, this happened during the time of Nicola Abu Aita Mayor of Beit Sahour and Father Ibrahim Khoury and also the Greek NunRelatives.

Many of the Locals and neighbors of the Well according to them often heared people praying inside the Well and masses when it is closed, and sometimes seeing strange circles of light inside the well, and sometimes there is a nun with children opening the Door and going down the Well and they smell lots of Frankincense coming out of the Well .

The Virgin Mary Well is Rectangular in shape and it can hold water up to 972 Cubic meters of water , and it is about 27 meters in length and 4 meters width, and 9 meters height making it one of the deepest Wells in This Area and all the Water it gains.

This Site We do Not Visit it on Regular Group Tours - Only on Private Tours upon Request we can Arrange it.


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