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Israel is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This is because of its many historic sites, unforgettable landmarks, and some wonders of the world located in the heart of God's own country. 

Tel Aviv

Some of the most popular places to visit when in Israel include the city that never sleeps; Tel Aviv. This is Israel's business and cultural center and the center of the country's largest metropolitan area. 

The city has major attractions that draw tourists from all parts of the world. Restaurants, cafes and fun spots are open all day long in the city of Tel Aviv, that's why residents here refer to this great city as the city that doesn't sleep. It is the second-largest city in Israel and has a young and liberal population. The city holds the largest gay pride march in all of Asia - attracting over two hundred thousand gay couples visiting from different parts of the world. 

Another reason people visit Tel Aviv is the warm Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful beaches are just heavenly. The center of the city is known as Lev Ha'ir translated as "the heart of the city". The UNESCO recognized collection of Bauhaus buildings known as "The White City" is one of the most important heritage sites in the country. 


Another beautiful and historic city to visit whenever you're in Israel is the birthplace of Jesus; Bethlehem. 

Bethlehem is a picturesque hilltop city overlooking the Judean desert. Bethlehem and Jerusalem attract some of the highest numbers of tourists and pilgrims across the world. When in Bethlehem, these are some of the major attractions for you. 

The church of Nativity; the recorded birthplace of Jesus Christ. The area is filled with pilgrims and travelers during the holiday period, and the party rarely stops after the holidays. The church of Nativity is a solemn and historic site in Bethlehem. The church spots the grotto of the nativity downstairs. With a shining star and an inscription "Hic de Virgine Maria Jesus Christus Natus est (Here Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary)".

Milk Grotto Church

The Milk Grotto Church is also a major tourist and pilgrim destination in Bethlehem. The Milk Grotto Church is just a few minutes walk into the Milk Grotto Street. The church building is colored in a milky white paint. This color gives the church the historic name. The story behind this historic church building is " Mary the mother of Jesus was breastfeeding baby Jesus and some of the milk splashed on the building wall and permanently gave it the milky colors. Now you'll see people selling parts of the stone scraping to mothers who want to improve breastfeeding. This is a place you will want to visit at least once in your lifetime

St. Catherine 

St Catherine is an attraction, especially during the holidays. It adjoins with other churches like the church of nativity to form a beautiful sight in the heart of Bethlehem. It's from this church that Bethlehem's annual midnight mass is broadcasted to the world. 

The Dead Sea

Everyone should get a chance to see the dead sea once in your lifetime. It's truly a wonder to behold. The dead sea is also known as the salt sea and lies in the border between Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank. It is the earth's lowest elevation on land. The surface and shores of the dead sea lie 1388ft below sea level. The high salt concentration of the sea makes it easy for people to float on the surface. This is why the site attracts a high number of visitors every year. 

The Dead Sea is a must-visit for anyone in Israel. It's actually a lake with a very high salt concentration. It is an absolutely unforgettable experience. 

The minerals in the lake are known to contain healing properties. Rolling yourself in the mud can leave your skin silky smooth. This is the spot where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered too. 

The area around the dead sea houses some of the most incredible spas, the Le Meridien hotel spa is one of the most popular spas in the area.

The Dead Sea is accessible to Israel's most amazing sites. The Masada which is considered the most beautiful ruins in Israel is just an hour from the dead sea. Anytime you plan to visit the Dead Sea, Jerusalem is a perfect place to visit from.

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