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Herodium is a major site in archaeology and is the home of a sprawling and impressive palace that dates all of the way back to the time of King Herod. This area is located around 10 kilometers south of the city of Jerusalem and is known as the burial site of King Herod, which explains the shape of the hill. Herodium is also known as the Mountain of Paradise, Mountain of Franks or Jabal al-Fourdis.

Though Herod was thought to be a ruthless leader, he was also considered to be a visionary who was responsible for a lot of Israel's most advanced structures, architecturally speaking, most of which have survived the years. He was also responsible for a number of other projects throughout the Second Temple in Jerusalem, the port of Caesarea and the Palace Fortress on Mount Masada.

The hilltop of Herodium needed to be reshaped and this was completed through the work of slaves and artisans that would go on to create not just a haven for the king but something of a pleasure palace as well. Nearby springs were channeled to bring in fresh water to the aqueduct system, supply water to the large pool and water the gardens in the area. The complex held courtyards, chambers and palatial halls. From the top of the palace on Herodium are beautiful views all across the Judean Desert, Jerusalem and the city of Bethlehem. It is a popular destination for those who travel to the Holy Land.

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