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Church of the Seat of Mary | Old Kathisma | Church of the Kathisma

Church of the Seat of Mary | Old Kathisma | Church of the Kathisma

The Ruins of the Church of the Kathisma, Old Kathisma or The Church of the Seat of Mary, a Very Important Byzantine Site , at one time it was Church and Monastery and Mentioned in the Proto-Gospel of James.

Located Near Mar Elias Monastery on the Side of the Ancient Old Road Between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, It is one of the Old Churches Dedicated to the Mother of God or Mary the God Bearer "Theotokos" in the Entire Roman Byzantine Empire.

"Joseph found a cave there and brought her into it, and left her in the care of his sons and went out to seek for a Hebrew midwife in the land of Bethlehem (18:1) "

 Kathisma Church History

Oldest Church of Mary 451 AD, Built by Rich Widow Ikelia, Saint Theodosius mention it and he was the head priest there and the stone cut out and made altar for Holy sepulcher Church

  • Mentioned by Piaczena Pilgrim
  • 12th Century Onwards a Well there Called "Bir Qadismu" in this area was called also Well of the Magi's/ Well of Star and Well of Qadismu.
  • Till 17th Century a large tree there lowerd down its branches to provide shade for the virgin/travelers 
  • A story says that arab land owner burnt the tree so people stop resting in his land
  • Church was destroyed in around 11-12th Century after defeat of crusaders and forgotten 
  • Discovered by chance in 1992



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