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Church of St Catherine of Alexandria

The Church of St Catherine of Alexandria, otherwise known as the Chapel of Saint Catherine, is a structure that is religious in nature and is associated with the Catholic Church. It is found adjacent to the northern area of the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem, which is in the West Bank, Palestine. This location operates as a parish church as well as a Franciscan monastery, and there is a winding path of caves beneath the church.


It is believed that St. Jerome's monastery was perhaps located in the area of the church, its foundation currently beneath the pavement that was laid down by Barluzzi. During the Crusader period, it operated as an Augustinian monastery. Through the Mamluk period, a small chapel area near the present-day altar of the Church of St Catherine of Alexandria was dedicated to the saint in 1347 as a part of the Franciscan monastery. This church is first mentioned in the 15th century.


The church as it stands today is a result of work done in the Late Ottoman period in the 19th century and is built in Neo-Gothic style. After the Second World War, the church received modern updates many times over according to the various trends approved by the Second Vatican Council. The Crusader-era cloister was restored in the year 1948 by the architect Antonio Barluzzi. With all of its rich history, the Church of St Catherine of Alexandria ​is a famous church that many like to visit when they go to the Holy Land.

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