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Best way to tour Israel / Palestine / West Bank

Best way to tour Israel / Palestine / West Bank

Israel / Palestine is such an amazing and fascinating city, there are plenty of places to go and historical knowledge to gather; from religion to politics and social life. This makes touring Israel a very interesting adventure for anyone and a memorable outing for any group. However, touring Israel is not always a very easy adventure especially if you are coming for the first time and you have no one to guide you through. This is because there are a lot of good sites that you need detailed information before you visit and because of the religious and political tension of some areas, you will be needing a guide. 


To jump on a plane and move to Israel for a weekend. Of course, we can access all these amazing spots when we get there. If that is the case, it feels the need for booking a tour to go visit amazing Israel is of zero importance. Be that as it may, the need for finding a nice company to book your tour around Israel cannot be overemphasized. Would you not love to plan your activities before you hop on a plan? I believe we try as much as possible to gain control of a given situation. Which better way to do it than through booking your tour around Israel. With this you will not have to worry about finding your way through a city you know so little about.  Some Tourist services give you the opportunity to choose a hotel where you will love to stay in, under most circumstances, covers your transport from the airport to the hotel. Now all you might basically need to worry about is feeding. That is not the fun part. The fun part is that for some of these tourist services you get to pay for all of these even before you hop on the plane. That is just amazing.

Now, these tourist services sometimes are grouped depending on your preference. If the customer is advanced in age and will find it difficult to keep up with the youths, such a person could opt to travel under the booking service for seniors or private tour if that option is not available. If the customer is one you enjoy privacy and exotic comfort, such a person could opt for the category that basically suits the person's preferences.   Added to the fact that the services could be cover a lot of advantages, you get to tour Israel with someone who knows the city quite well the story behind every tourist attraction. You get to know the people of the country, their culture, and details of their beliefs. For those that will love to travel in small groups, some tourist services give you the opportunity to choose the nature of the group you will like to travel with up till the choice of the language you want your tour guide to go with. With this special advantage, you get to enjoy the tour in the comfort and aura of your own making. Surprisingly all these services do come at a very concise amount. Most times discounts are given.

The next feature you get to enjoy is planning your tour based on how many days you will love to spend.  Most of these Tour services have a lot of packages. You could see a 3-day tour, a 14-day tour, or even a day tour. What this means even if you have a while to spend you can plan it in a way that every day will be occupied with wonderful activities. Plan your journey even before it begins, configure the company of people you will love to tour with, plus absolute peace of mind. The joy of getting to plan you're itinerary and pay the expense before you even embark on the journey.

Best way to tour Israel / Palestine / West Bank

Do not be taken aback by some things mentioned above, there are better ways to tour Israel and get a taste of all the spices. Going through a tour agency or having a reputable tour guide with you is the best way to tour Israel. Your tour guide or agency will take on the responsibility of helping you plan out your tour activities, knowing where to go first and which site is next and can also work with your budget to know how long you have to spend and how to get all the great memories of Israel tour within your time limit.

Here are some great ways a tour guide or agency may adopt

2-day Israel tour from Tel Aviv: if you have two days to spend in Israel as a tourist, and you are in the city of Tel Aviv, then you are welcome to a memorable outing. You already know tel Aviv is known as the “white city” because of its amazing structures. So, the tour starts right from the city gate from were to depart to mount olives, after which you can get a view of the Garden of Gethsemane as you pass by. But of the most attractive sites of the first day will be the nativity church and the mosque of Omar. Then the next day will take you to Judean desert and all the excitement that comes with it. A professional with a vast knowledge of the cities and history will be your tour guide.

2-day Masada and the Dead Sea from Jerusalem: Masada is the world heritage site and it keeps getting troops of tourists every time. For some, an Israel tour is not complete without a visit to the mountain complex (Masada). This will actually take most of the day trip and the next day will be for the Dead Sea where you could spend a good time at the beach. This tour will take off from the city of Jerusalem.

Bethlehem and Jericho full-day tour from Jerusalem: a full day Bethlehem and Jericho tour will take you to the Old City of Jericho, the shepherd field and the church of the nativity. You will be guided by an experienced tour guide with good educative histories to share about the places visited.

Also, there are few things you can do for yourself as you tour all these places. One of them will be to visit the local markets, and the next will be to eat some local foods. These will add to the fun of the tour.

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