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Tourism is one of the most profitable form of relaxation, it involves travelling and education and in most cases, it is packed with overwhelming fun. Many a time, people who are seeking for educative adventures and site seeing find it hard to mark their choices because there seem to be only a few places where one could get great sites and in its natural (original) state. Bethlehem is one of these few places. This place is often considered the place of the nativity and it holds a lot of memory and amazing sites about the visit of Jesus Christ here on earth. Also, there are other great site and somewhat hidden good place that you will like to visit if you are a tourist. This is actually the reason you need the services of a tour agency and a tour guide.

It is the duty of your tour agency to make sure you visit the most exciting places during your visit. Banksy tour Bethlehem is aware of this responsibility and that’s why there had put into consideration their customer’s comfort in preparing their tour package. Banksy tour Bethlehem is dedicated to making your visit a fun-filled and educating one without leaving any stone unturned.

Places to visit              

The nativity church: this is the place of birth of Jesus Christ. It is considered the oldest church in existence. The church was built by the first known Christian emperor, Emperor Constantine around A.D 330 after his mother Helena visited the holy land on a pilgrimage. The church is said it have been in existence for over 1,600 years now although most of the parts has fallen following the Samaritan rebellion in A.D. 529. (More of the history awaits you has you visit the site with Banksy tour Bethlehem).

Banksy Graffitis in Bethlehem: you have heard so much about Banksy graffiti arts right? And you are ready to see some of these works like “girl frisking solider” and more? Many tourists are always super excited on their first visit to these arts. Sadly, only four out of the seven Banksy graffiti in Bethlehem are still in a very good shape. However, Banksy tour Bethlehem will help you identify the place of the arts and provide more education on how each came to be. 

Aida refugee camp: during the visit to Aida refugee camp, you might get a chance to meet with the refugees but that is optional.

The Walled off Hotel: another amazing site to be visited is the walled off hotel. This has another piece of Banksy work installed in it to create awareness about the controversy which is often witnessed there.

The museum: who goes on a tour without visiting the museum? Hardly none I guess. Cite seeing will be extended to a visit to the museum where you will be fascinated with the art works and the deep history which are preserved there.

Banksy tour Bethlehem will take you to all of these places with detailed information about their history and how they have been able to maintain it till date. You are sure to have a memorable time with Banksy tour Bethlehem. You can have a try!

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