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Touring Israel

Along the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and at the tip of the Red Sea lies the beautiful land of Israel. Though a small country, it offers diverse geography not to mention history and culture aplenty. Israel carries a rich history that spans centuries and also is the center of the world’s main religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This Holy Land offers one of the most sacred sites in the world, Jerusalem. It is also is a hub for finance, technology, and within its borders are marvels of sites, sounds, and spirituality to satisfy all your needs.

Touring Israel is a step into the past within modern-day comforts and technology. With its natural beauty, a culture that’s world-class, a history steeped in antiquity and religion, and not too mention the fantastic people, touring Israel is hard to be ignored and shouldn’t be overlooked for a destination of wonder.

Why Israel

Israel tours are a must-have. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the nightlife with a private tour in Tel Aviv, or a three-day visit in Bethlehem, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to tour Jordan along with any other Israel tours or Israel advantage tours offered by your tour guides. Skip the large groups and go with a private tour that carries rave reviews so you won’t miss something the other tour guides won’t tell you. Here are some reasons why Israel private tours are the best.

  1. Jerusalem: This is the holiest city in the world and the seat of spirituality for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The Western Wall stands in the Old City of Jerusalem, not to mention the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the stunning Al-Aqsa Mosque. Jerusalem tours are a great start in immersing yourself in Israel.
  2. Tel Aviv: When it comes to Mediterranean cities, Tel Aviv is by far the most beautiful. It’s a wondrous hub of events, culture, beaches, and nightlife that stretch all day every day. The nightlife is unbeatable in the world, and its non-stop life is comparable to New York City and Miami. The atmosphere is outstanding, the food is delicious, and for the technologically savvy tourist, the WiFi is free in some areas. If exploring nightlife is what you’re looking for, consider a private tour of Tel Aviv.
  3. Diverse Geography: To the south of this beautiful land lies the Negev Desert. It is a place of immense beauty and harsh conditions that have inspired humankind for centuries. To the north is the lush landscape of Galilee which is full of historical sites
  4. The Dead Sea: If you want to swim, then head to the beaches as you can’t swim in the Dead Sea. Due to the high salt content, you can float. It is also the lowest place on Earth. Don’t forget to cover yourself and some of the mud from the Dead Sea as its great for the skin.
  5. Safety: Many believe Israel to be an unsafe country. This is farthest from the truth. The country is highly westernized in its day-to-day life, and you’ll find that visiting Israel is much safer than most countries in the west.

Visiting Israel will fill you with memories that will last a lifetime and the reasons for touring this beautiful country are more than what’s listed above. Private tours are the best option when exploring this small land. There are some things to think about before buying your tickets and booking those private tour guides in Israel.

Things to Know When Touring Israel

Its always good to prepare yourself when visiting a new country. Cultures and lifestyles are different not too mention the laws and politics can vary as well. There’s also the cost. To make your trip worth it and full of value, you want an Israel tour that’ll help you explore the land and cities without all the extra expenses that come with visiting a new place.

  1. The food and wine in Israel are simply the best. Street vendors and the number of world-class restaurants offer a fusion of smells and taste to tantalize your senses and keep you sustained on your private tours.
  2. Culture and styles in Israel prove it’s a real melting pot of immigrants and citizens that make up this colorful population of people.
  3. The country of Israel is relatively small. Big things come in small packages, and there’s a surprise around every corner. Israel carries a world-interest for such a small country. With all the things to do, like skiing, surf, and even a little stroll through the desert, not too mention nightlife, squeezing so much into your visit can prove challenging. An Israel tour guide can help you with all these.
  4. While it is possible to get through your visit on a budget, don’t expect much. A country rich in culture and history also carries a higher price tag. You won’t go into debt by visiting Israel or by booking a private tour; you might want to be aware that you’ll spend more money. It is all worth it.
  5. Israel is a safe country. Throw all your expectations out the window, not too mention the news. General street safety is paramount, and feeling secure adds to the mystique and beauty of Israel.

Taking a private tour, Elijah Tours & Travel in Israel offers up an adventure that will ensure you have a pleasant visit in this country. Culture and history abound, and every step you take is a moment in time. An Israel tour can take you anywhere within the country whether you’re here for a spiritual stay or an adventurous vacation, either one will satiate the soul and leave you breathless. In a land of wonder and religion, Israel is a must-see and a world-class hotspot along the Mediterranean. Getting caught up in the moment is easy with the right tour guide, and will fill you with memories and excitement that will last a lifetime. Israel is a wonder of the world with cultures, people, and places that’ll resonate deep within your soul.

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