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Old Bethlehem Museum – Experience the Story of Bethlehem

Old Bethlehem Museum


The old Bethlehem museum is a famous tourist attraction housed in a 19th-century Palestinian building. It consists of three rooms recreated as a traditional Bethlehem family abode housing numerous exhibits that date back 200 years. It is located off the Manger square in the center of Bethlehem’s old city, a short distance from the Basilica of the nativity.

The building is operated from 8 a to noon and 2 pm to 5 pm except for Sundays. This gives visitors ample time to plan for their visit to the great museum. Once you tour the museum, you will have enough time to learn and interact with the guides.

History of the museum

It was established by the Arab union of women with wonderful jewelry old photographs of family oil lamps used by the Palestinians and other items used in the bygone era. The building was established for two primary purposes. First, it was intended to help Palestinian women to secure jobs that would enable them to live decent lives. Secondly, it was also created as a center for Palestinian refugees fleeing escaping their villages and offered them with shelter and food.

The museum received some expansion in 1984 to include an adjacent old house that had been restored. According to Julia Dabdoub, a Bethlehem ethnographer, the building is among few of the oldest houses in Bethlehem. In 1992, Julia donated her longtime photograph collections, and furniture to complete the furnishing of the house’s upper room which showcases the life of Bethlehem people between 1900 and 1932.


If you want to travel back in time and know more about the 19th century, then the old Bethlehem Museum is the place to be. The building has a collection of old household items used by the Palestinians. Learn a lot about the ancient Bethlehem and the people’s way of life through this iconic museum that has served as a historical reference for many years.

A non-profitable Arab women’s union operates the ethnographic museum. In this place, you will learn how the Bethlehem people stored their food, their mode of dressing, and how they designed their houses. You will find the best embroidery guild created by women with enough experience to offer the best designs and quality. The women also take orders, so if you have a unique design, they can make it for you and collect it at a later time.


Without a doubt, the old Bethlehem museum is a phenomenal site to visit. If you are touring this area, you should plan to visit the museum and learn about the ancient way of life of Bethlehem people. The women in the museum are friendly and passionate about explaining to their visitors the different items in the building.

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