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Israel is a holy land of enormous historical relics, astounding religious sites, and exquisite natural beauty. It has always been an alluring destination from the Biblical period to present times. The Mount of Olives, ancient port of Jaffa and the Sea of Galilee are the mesmerizing places. Jerusalem’s astonishing skyline is a contrast of fascinating bell towers, striking minarets, and the golden dome of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Surrounded by Arabic, Jewish, and Christian quarters, this holy land brings a sumptuous culinary scene, and it is a treat to eyes, hearts, and memories to behold.

Private tour in Israel is different from normal group tours in a way that all costs, transport systems, hotel booking will be according to your interests. Group tours are lower in price compared to stylized private tours. Moreover, you will be meeting new acquaintances from all over the globe. However, fixed itineraries, dates, fixed transportation are the cons of a group tour that is hard for people who wants a relaxing vacation to maintain. In Israel private tour guide, you can set dates, times, do not have to depend on pre-planned itineraries, enjoy private transportation, and many more.

Tel Aviv seems to be a complete world away from Jerusalem. Israel’s commercial and political core is a city of glistening skyscrapers, thronging streets, sandy beaches art galleries, and hedonistic inhabitants. Ancient cities like Nazareth and Acre exist alongside modern metropolises such as Haifa and Eilat. Starting from unique geological spectacles to seaside resorts, the Dead Sea, Red Sea, Sea of Galilee, and Mediterranean coastlines offer lifetime experience.

Israel is a place of history and mystery. It has got so many wonders and the diversity of local cultures. To get to know more about Israel, there are several noteworthy places to visit that signifies surreal experiences. The list of some amazing places to visit is mentioned below:

1) Sea of Galilee- This is also known as Lake Tiberias. It is the second-lowest lake just 100 kilometers south. This place is notable for the site of the New Testament where Jesus walked on water. The lakeside towns of Tiberias are captivating, starting from visiting ostrich farms to kibbutzim, too many religious holy places.

2) Old Jaffa – It is around 4000 years old on the southern end of Tel Aviv, and is considered as one of the oldest cities. This ancient port city has various sites and museums, including independent galleries, cafes, and shops. Flea markets are quite popular, which stays open from Sunday to Thursday, where you will find any number of knick-knacks. This city has an equal share of ancient history as well as trendy hotspots. The ancient histories are mysterious dichotomy typical of the region.

3) Jerusalem Old city- It is at the heart of the world’s three largest Abrahamic religions that offer something miraculous for every Israel tourist. The most fascinating part of the Jerusalem Old City is the intensity of its four quarters of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Armenian. The dense and musty ambiance through the crooked alleyways holds a million secrets.

4) Church of Nativity- It is one of Christianity’s most historical holy sites. On top of the cave, this church is located where Jesus was supposed to have been born. The basilica was one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites since the fourth century. During festive season like Christmas, this site becomes enlightened with Biblical occasion. 

5) The Wall- It is designated as a Separation Barrier by Israel government which runs through Palestine. It is serving as a way to control checkpoints and movement of people. It is 25 high feet tall with visible gaps. It is covered in graffiti by local and international activists. It is a way to capture what’s happening in the region today. 

6) Dome of the Rock-It is located in Jerusalem Old City on the Temple Mount. The site of the rock, gold dome marks, and the Foundation Stone are the important religious symbol to both Jews and Muslims. This building has got inlaid mosaics and is an octagon in shape. There is a specific time for visiting with strict security and requires some planning.

Israel is known to be the cradle of civilization, where different cultures met. For Israel tour 2020, you can make your trip enjoyable and memorable with Moreover, Bethlehem, Jericho, Dead sea are eye-catchy places to visit. 

For visiting Bethlehem, from a hotel, you can head to Shepherd’s Sanctuary, Milk Grotto, and Church of St. Catherine bypassing either Yorkton River or the Old City of Jerusalem. If you want to hire a guide, it will be a good decision since you can know a lot about the rich heritage and culture of the places. However, you have to pay for food and souvenirs alongside the Israel tour guides. A week-long trip is more than enough for Israel’s private tour; however, if you want you, can stay longer.

From Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, your costs will be approximately $200 for Jericho and Dead Sea tour. This tour will be without a guide. You will enjoy capturing the Sycamore tree, Jordan River Baptism Site, one free hour of Jericho, camel ride in Jericho, Old City of Jericho Optional, Elisha Spring. Most importantly, your passport is required everywhere.

Hotels- Choose the hotels determining your budgets and reviews. If you are looking for meeting new culture, Sky hotel, La Guardia Hotels in Tel Aviv can be a great option. However, try to avoid the cheapest hotels as their qualities might not match your expectations. But undoubtedly, their hospitality is top-notch.’

Transport system- Buses are the main form of public transport. Egged is the largest bus company and operates routes throughout the country. Private motor vehicles are also used. There are private taxis called “special taxis” which are convenient to use for Israel private tour. 

So, make your trip worth every penny and visit after getting to know the fascination of Israel that will undoubtedly make your trip memorable. To help plan your Israel tour package, you can visit the website

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