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Fascinating things you didn’t know about The Dead Sea

It was the ancient Romans who named this place The Dead Sea. A majestic body of deep blue water framed by remote desert cliffs. The Dead Sea is so salty that no plants or fish live in its mineral-rich waters. Some 1300 feet below, it is the lowest surface on earth.

The Dead Sea is about 8 times saltier than the ocean. This makes the water incredibly dense and that makes it the easiest place on earth to remain afloat. This sea is a landlocked water body between Israel and Jordan in southwestern Asia. Its eastern shore is held by Jordan, and the southern half of its western shore is held Israel.

The Dead Sea- It’s a lie!

Apparently, the Dead Sea is not a sea. Astounding much? The Dead Sea is a salt lake. It is connected to the Jordan River and is surrounded by land. It is not connected to any sea.

No living beings!

The salt content of The Dead Sea is so high that no life can develop in the Dead Sea. This phenomenon gave it the name “Sea of Death”, although few microbes such as bacteria and fungus survive.

Gives you wonderful skin

The sea bed is made of mud that is extremely profuse in minerals. There are over 20 minerals including calcium, potassium, bromide, and magnesium. Each of these is beneficial for your skin and health. Calcium is known to mitigate skin cells and deep clean pores, bromide has a calming effect and anti-inflammatory effects, iodine helps to normalize the metabolic energy, potassium is an oxidizing agent and sulfur cures skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and cellulite. Not only these, but the minerals are also useful in solving arthritis and rheumatism.

You won’t sink

If you do not know swimming like me, you can rest assured about not sinking in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the only water body on Earth where you will never sink. This is the most astonishing experiences anyone can ever have. You can do Dead Sea floating in the water and have your favorite drink or read a book while lying back on the water – complete chill. It is proclaimed that a bath in The Dead Sea purifies your body. It removes toxins from your body and makes you feel energized and rejuvenated. The Dead Sea is the most natural form of spa that you can get. It is the center of healing.

Salt diamonds and salt pearls

The beaches of The Dead Sea are lined with cubes of salt that are said to be salt diamonds or pearls. The salts crystallize in the Sun to form cubes (salt diamonds) or round spheres (pearls).

There are seven beaches for The Dead Sea travel that are open to the public and they are divided into two groups: The four in the North and three in the south. The north beaches are very different from the south. The North beaches have murky water. They are prone to higher waves. Also, these beaches require fees for entry. There are enough resort amenities nearby. The North beaches are rich in the magical Dead Sea mud mask. The south beaches have crystal clear water with turquoise shades of colors where you get to walk on a shore of salt. The water bodies are much smaller and shallower here hence there are no waves. Unlike the northern beaches, the entrance is free. However, you won’t find natural mud here. The sea bed is just salt. Another significant difference between the North and the South basins is the salt concentration. The north beaches are located by the mouth of the Dead Sea Jordan River which brings fresh water into the sea while the south beaches are located on the evaporation pools which are designed to evaporate the water and increase the salt concentration and eventually extract the salt. 

The beaches in the North are Kalia, Biankini, Neve Midbar, and Ein Gedi Hot Springs. These three beaches are accessible through the same road. When comparing the shoreline, they look quite similar. However, each offers different amenities.


 opening hours: 8 am- 7 pm in summer

8 am – 6 pm in winter

Entrance fee: 59 shekels for adult, 46 shekels for child


Opening hours: 9 am- 7 pm

The shoreline is very identical to Kalia but it provides different amenities. It is not just a beach but a resort too with houses to stay overnight. This beach has plenty of activities for children. It has a freshwater Dead Sea swimming pool, a game room, a beautiful Moroccan restaurant. As well as it has locker rooms, showers, toilets, and a gift shop.

Neve Midbar

Opening hours: 9 am – sunset

Entrance fee – 85 shekels

This is similar to the previous two. You can abode here overnight by bringing your tents or stay in their aesthetic huts. They support barbequing by the beach.

Ein Gedi Hot Spring

 This beach belongs to the “Sea of Spa” resort.

Opening hours: 8:30 am- 4 pm

Admission fee- 95 shekels for adult, 61 shekels for child

This beach is built on the top of the thermal mineral well that provides hot sulfur water from the depths of the earth. You can dive into the sulfur water pools which have health benefits.

The beaches in the South are Ein Bokek, Zohar and Segregated.

Ein Bokek

Opening hours: 7 am- 5 pm

Amenities available: outdoor showers, indoor showers, changing rooms, toilets


Opening hours: 7 am- 5 pm


This beach caters to the orthodox Jewish community and is divided into two parts: one for men and the other for women.

The best time for Dead Sea travel is around February and November as it gets really hot from May to October and quite cold during December and January. offers amazing deals for Dead Sea Travel package. They are trustworthy and well experienced for all the destinations they serve.

At there are elaborate details with prices of how to visit the different tourist attractions in the Dead Sea travel, via which routes and where to stay. You can stay for as short as a day to as long as 8 to 10 days to explore the beauty of the Dead Sea.

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