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Best Bethlehem tour from Jerusalem and tel aviv 20.11.2019.

We show them many important and magnificent places in Bethlehem governance old city of Bethlehem.

the separation wall , church of nativity,milk grotto church, shepherds field , olive wood factory and the community store and ate to gather sandwich ,after that we want to see Jericho city to the oldest city in the world.

The main places in the tour was, sea level sight and Jordan river and mount of temptation also ancient walls of Jericho and finish it with Elisha spring. visit our website .

At the last more extra information about the city, Bethlehem is an agricultural market and trade town that is closely linked to nearby Jerusalem.

For a long time the town has been important as a pilgrim and tourist center, although, in the decades following the Six-Day War, tourism and pilgrimage were frequently affected by the ongoing conflict.

Several initiatives were undertaken in the early 21st century to encourage local economic development through renewed tourism by Western pilgrims.

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