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5 Exclusive Tips for Visiting The Dead Sea

Visiting The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is actually a lake known as a sea but it is also known as the saltiest sea in the whole world. This sea is one of the strangest creatures of the world. People can float on the water for the high density of water. There are more interesting facts about The Dead Sea and before planning for a trip out there, you should know them well.

Be Careful of Your Health Condition: The concentration of salt makes the water density around 1.24 kg/liter which is way more than typical seas. So, when people stay for a long time in the water, it affects kidney and heart condition badly which can instantly result in a dangerous situation. Do not stay in the water for more than ten minutes. If you want, you can repeat going back to the water washing off your body after a break but do not stay continuously for a long time.

Best Time to Visit The Dead Sea: It is better to visit The Dead Sea during spring or fall which can be in between the months of March-April or October-November. During summer, Israel remains way too much hot and the temperature rises up to 40®C. And in the winter, the water remains too cold to swim in.

Safety Issues Regarding Water and Swimming: As the seawater is filled with 10 times saltier water, it can be very dangerous for your body and health. Never swim face down and don’t try to dive. You can only try swimming your back. Do not splash water in your eyes because that can be really panic and harmful for your eyes. Do not wash off your face with this salty water either because it can also be very dangerous.

Protect Your Skin: Don’t forget to bring sunscreens to protect your skin from unfavorable weather out there. Also, you should bring water shoes or hiking sandals because the water can be very challenging if you are barefoot.

Pick the Right Tour Package: You will get many tour packages in Jerusalem or Israel but can be the best choice among them. They provide all the famous tourist spots of Israel’s itineraries within an affordable package. Make your schedule according to their offers.

So, these are the tips you can follow while planning for visiting the Dead Sea.

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