Visiting Israel – What to expect?

Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world, with an area of only 20,770 square kilometers or about 8,000 square miles, making Israel day tours easy to any part and it is steeped in history, culture and proudly say’s home to the birth place of Lord Jesus Christ.

It is in the oil rich Middle East with the Mediterranean Sea on it’s North and North East and is revered by Christians and Muslims alike and is referred to as the Holy Land due to it’s significance to the Bible and Koran. Whilst being a very popular tourist destination Israel day tours are drawing people from all over the world it is also a country that attracts people on pilgrimage to cleanse their souls in the belief of the afterlife.

Getting to Israel

Jerusalem is the capital but Tel Aviv is it’s commercial hub and most international airlines fly into the country or you could also take a Mediterranean cruise from any of the ports serving the country. There is also the possibility of driving overland which would be an interesting journey for the adventurous with many other historical places to see on the way.

Must see places in Israel

Depending on what your preferences are, there is something to see and behold for everyone on Israel day tours the old, the religious, the history buffs and with a universally famous night life to keep the young on their feet.

 i) Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a very vibrant city and boasts some of the best restaurants in the country serving cuisine from all over the world and is home to a pristine beach that stretches miles kissing the calm waters of the Mediterranean. There are very fine hotels easily accessible all over the city to cater to any purse and guests could look forward to clean rooms and very courteous service.

ii) Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the most visited city in Israel and brings in hordes of visitors, tourists and pilgrims look around with Israel day tours. The city itself has a very solemn air about it in keeping with the religious fervor it exudes. There are many places of interest within the encircled old city, which are the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre which are easily accessible on Israel day tours.

iii) Masada

Masada is a rock plateau in the South East of the country and was a fortress that ultimately fell to the advancing Roman army which culminated in the suicide of its 1000 inhabitants. Access with Israel day tours can be easy by cable car or if you need a little adventure there is the possibility of walking up it’s winding path which has some spectacular views.

iv) Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a large body of water on the eastern border of the country and is about 1360 feet below sea level devoid of any marine life due to it’s high content of salt. You can sign up with Travel to Dead Sea 2020 tours and get the most out of it. The highlight that you will witness during the tour would be the cobalt blue lake. Waters in the dead sea is shared by Palestinian and Israel territories.

Salt concentration that you can find in Dead Sea is relatively high. In fact, the salt concentration is around 34%, which is 10 times high when compared to ocean water. Due to the same reason, you can find a large number of minerals spas in the Dead Sea as well. You can go for a soothing dip and get the most out of your Travel to Dead Sea 2020. The nearby hotels will provide access to these spas and you can refresh your body and mind at them.

All the people who proceed with Travel to Dead Sea 2020 should be mindful about the sinkholes. There’s a large number of sinkholes, especially near the northern basin. These sinkholes have been created when fresh water is dissolving into the salt deposits located underground. The danger with these sinkholes is that they can open up without previous warning. Along with that, they tend to swallow the passersby. Hence, only some of the seashores in the Dead Sea are safe for you to visit. The tour guides that you will find with Travel to Dead Sea 2020  will share advise to you on that and you must carefully follow them.

Final words 

The above are just some of the sights at easy reach on Israel day tours. Make sure that you keep these tips in mind and get the most out of your tour. Then you will be provided with a bunch of outstanding memories to take back home.

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