Top tourist attractions in Bethlehem

Bethlehem is extremely popular out there in the world as the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Due to the same reason, most of the people prefer to go ahead with Bethlehem tours 2020 and capture all the excitement that comes in their way. If you are looking forward to go ahead with Bethlehem tours, you should have a better understanding about the most prominent tourist attractions that you can experience. That’s where we thought of providing you with a list.

Here are the most outstanding tourist attractions that you can find in Bethlehem. Any person who wishes to go forward with Bethlehem tours 2020 can take a look at these tourist attractions and visit them accordingly.

  • Church of the Nativity

Church of the Nativity is one of the attractions that you should never miss out while spending your time in Bethlehem. It is considered as the birthplace of Jesus. When you take a look at Bethlehem Tours 2020, you will notice that all of them are covering Church of the Nativity because of the historical importance associated with this attraction.

The church that you can find in here was constructed during 4th Century AD. When you visit the central doorway of Church of the Nativity, you will be able to discover work that belonged to numerous centuries. Along with that, you can experience the original door sounds as well.

  • St. Catherine’s Church

St. Catherine’s Church is located in close proximity to Church of Nativity. Hence, you will find it as an easy task to access it when you are moving forward with Bethlehem Tours 2020 as well. You can also discover a unique cave system under this church. Towards the left side of this church, you will be able to discover the Chapel of Holy Innocents.

  • Manger Square

Manger Square is the centralized hub that you can discover in Modern Bethlehem. You will be able to discover a large number of souvenir stores, restaurants and cafes at Manger Square. All of them are located around the central plaza. This is located near the Church of the Nativity as well. You can think about coming to Manger Square, so that you can enjoy some fine foods at the restaurants and you will be able to purchase some souvenirs to take along with you home. It is a great place available for you to relax when moving forward with the Bethlehem tours as well.

  • Shepherd’s Field

Shepherd’s Field is the location where the shepherds witnessed flocks at the night time. This is often a crowded place among Christians. That’s because the birth of Jesus was announced at here. You can discover several churches around Shepherd’s Field. Out of them, the Green Orthodox Church has received lots of attention. This church was constructed back in the year 1972.

  • Old Bethlehem Museum

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Bethlehem, you should be visiting the Old Bethlehem Museum. At this museum, it is possible for you to discover a large number of furniture, costumes and many other household objects. They can help you to get a better understanding about how ancient Bethlehem looked like. The eclectic nature of exhibits that you can find in this museum have contributed a lot towards its charm. You will also be able to discover some old photographs of Bethlehem placed in this museum. They look fascinating. If you are looking forward to purchase some unique gifts and take along with you home, you can find several options at Old Bethlehem Museum as well. Out of them, the traditional embroidery sold by Arab Women’s Union has received a lot of attention. These are unique gifts that you can take home along with you to cherish the amazing memories that you had along with Bethlehem Tours 2020.

  • Milk Grotto

Milk Grotto is the cave chapel, where the Holy Family hid before flying all the way to Egypt. Hence, it is another place that is associated with historical importance and you should not miss while you are exploring Bethlehem. Once Herod gave the order to murder all the infant boys, Milk Grotto came to their survival and provided shelter to them. According to another historical story, it has been identified that a blood drop from Mary fell into the floor of this cave and it turned the stone into white color. Most of the people who visit Milk Grotto believe that it will assist them with fertility. Due to the same reason, women who have troubles with conceiving often prefer to come to Milk Grotto.

Go ahead and take a look at these prominent tourist attractions that you can experience with Bethlehem Tours 2020. Then you can pick the best attractions out of them and visit.

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