The Atlas of History- Jericho

It is important to advance ourselves with the advancement in architecture. However, it is imperative to realize the aesthetic and significance of historical architectures as well. Located in the Jordan valley of Palestine, Jericho is a city that is rich in historic monuments and structures. You can watch and sense history during your Jericho travel. is a reputed travel agency that specializes in organizing Jericho travel for hundreds of tourists every month.

Top Attractions of Jericho

Hisham’s Place: Hisham’s Place in ancient historical ruins that were built in the 8th century. It is located 2 km north of the major cities. It is a big palace that was built by Umayyad Caliph Hisham bin Abdul Malek (724-743 AD), who ruled an empire stretching from India to the Pyrenees. The central courtyard is paved with limestone slabs surrounded by arcade galleries filled with rooms for guests, servants, and storage. There is also a prayer room and a cold bath. The place is also known as the winter resort for hunters.  Hisham’s place has an iconic piece in the center of the courtyard which is a symbol for Jericho – a star circular shape inspired by Islamic art. It was once a window where sunlight used to seep in and create a star pattern on the floor.

Nabi Musa: The mosque situated in the West Bank of Jericho is to be the place where Prophet Musa (PBUH) was buried. It is a memorial place that was built in 1269. It is a must visit place for Jericho travel.

Bethlehem, Church of Nativity: Just across the Israel/Palestine border from Jerusalem stands Bethlehem. Bethlehem is the principal Palestinian city. While beloved among Christians as the birthplace of Jesus, it’s now a predominantly Muslim town. The center of Bethlehem wrapped up with commerce; everyone is industrious about their businesses. Bethlehem’s skyline is an assortment of church crosses and mosque crescents reflecting how the two religions are distributed throughout this place. The Palestinians here are Arabs but not all of the Arabs are Muslims. 

Nativity square marks the middle of Bethlehem and therefore the Church of Nativity is considered to be where Jesus was born. Inside the church, you will be able to sense history. This church was built by Emperor Constantine in 326, the first Christian Roman emperor. The ground of the church is about three feet below the normal ground level. Throughout time this place got renovated with new mosaics and paintings especially by the Crusaders. A mass of pilgrims and tourists visit here for Jericho travel per year in the remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Church of Shepherd’s Field: The Shepherd’s Field is identified as the sight where the Angel of the Lord visited the shepherds of Bethlehem and spread the happy news of the birth of Jesus. This church is Catholic and has a Franciscan Chapel which is designed to look like the tnt of the shepherds. Designed by Antonio Barluzzi, this place is visited by thousands of tourists during their Jericho travel.

Olive wood factory: Olivewood factory not just makes beads but it also manufactures jewelry boxes, kitchenware utensils, artwork designs that are engraved into the trees. There are a lot of artistic people who work there. It is family-owned and has been there for years. During your Jericho travel, you can collect a lot of souvenirs and art pieces from this factory.

Manger Square: On the center of Bethlehem resides in Manger Square. Being the heart of Bethlehem’s hub of religious activity, it is the site of Christmas Eve celebrations every year. This pedestrian- centric spot offers peace, calmness and fresh air.  Trees with low broad tops provide shade and underneath them, there are benches and ornate, crystal fountains. The paths are stone-paved and made of white-yellowish Naqab marble with blue distributions. The trees are lit up from underneath, creating a green canopy for the social life below.

Banksy’s artWall of Bethlehem: This barrier divides Israel and Palestine as well as properties and families. For Israel, this wall was a success. The government believes because of the wall of Jericho there were fewer attacks against Jews. For the Palestinians, it is a prison. Only those with the right papers can live.

Banksy, the anonymous England-based street artist, vandal, political activist, and film director, painted anonymously in Palestine for the first time ten years ago. He left his trace on the separation wall as well as on private buildings.

Mount of Temptation: The Mountain with a gravity-resisting monastery adhering to its vertical face in the Judean desert where Jesus was tempted by the devil during his 40 days of fasting. It is 1.9 miles northwest to the town of Jericho. You can climb or take a cable car up the hill. The summit of this mountain is about 360 feet above sea level and offers a panoramic view of the Jordan valley. This is a historic place that is much loved by Christian tourists during Jericho travel.

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