Most Beautiful Places in Israel

If you have never visited Israel, then embrace yourself for the journey of a lifetime as the country’s beauty starts from the coastline into the valley and up the mountain tops. Israel is a fascinating place and has some of the most beautiful places to see.

You must have heard about them all, whether from the bible or history books, places like the Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee, the dead sea, Haifa, the Ramon Crater, and, of course, Nazareth, a name synonymous with Jesus.

It doesn’t matter how you start your journey, or which direction you intend to take, there is not a dull site in Israel, each is filled with history, fascination, and something to take back home.


If your journey was a long one, then you need a relaxing destination to soak in the beauty of Israel. Eilat is a beautiful tourist town located in the south of Israel filled with hotels, resorts, and buzzing with plenty of activities that tourists can partake in. Whether you are lounging by the pool, swimming with the dolphins, or diving to see the underside of Israel, the weather is convenient and calming, especially during the summer months.

Tel Aviv

Follow your geography to the capital of Israel; Tel Aviv is the second-largest city in Israel with coastline along the Mediterranean and a connection to the ancient port city of Jaffa. As the heartbeat of  Israel,  this once small and growing town is now a big city with pristine white beaches, gorgeous coastline, architecture, and edifices that date far back, diverse cultural scene, street food at its best, and nightlife like a Las Vegas stripe. The city is breath-taking and too many to see with the right tour guide.

The Hula Valley

See the tranquility and serenity of nature in this sandy desert region located far North of Israel, not really a destination stop for most tourists, but if you love birds and the peace they represent, you have to stop here. The region boasts plenty of migrating birds who also use the Hula Valley as their stop before heading to their destination, don’t forget to bring the cameras, as the colors will wow you tremendously.

The Holy City of Jerusalem

Ah, why would anyone come to Israel and not visit Jerusalem? This city is elegant. Whether you are standing in the middle enjoying a panoramic view of seating at a spot gazing at the skyline, the beautiful architecture that has survived through the ages shimmers in the light and reminds you of why it is a place to see and be.

The Golan Heights

 Surrounded by high mountains looking down into the horizon of the Mediterranean, the Golan Heights is a hiker’s paradise. Strap on your good trainers and test our endurance level as you enjoy beautiful vegetation, history, and a breathtaking landscape. There is no better time to experience the Golan Heights; all seasons have something to offer to the tourist.

There is much more to see in Israel, from the far north to the south, the most beautiful places in Israel are more than a day’s journey.

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