Jerusalem to Jericho Tour

Jerusalem is the holiest city in Israel and a destination start-point for most tourists or pilgrims coming into the country. However, to genuinely see the beauty of the stops in between these two historic cities, you need a reliable Jerusalem to Jericho tour.

The tours are either private or group tours with a tour guide that speaks fluent English and knows about the history of the place you will stop to see. The pickup time and location are usually communicated with all tourists via the tour service.

Remember – If your hotel or place of accommodation is far away from the pickup center, you will wait for the tour bus at the closest spot to the meeting point.

What to know about the Jerusalem to Jericho tour

  • The tour duration is a day
  • Tour guides communicate in English
  • All stops are timed, and tourists have to be at the meeting point before the next destination.

Some places to see on this tour

The Judean Desert

Exiting Jerusalem to Jericho, the first place you see is the Judean desert. The undulating landscape and rock arrangement tell of past and history even the books could not hold. However, all is not dry landscape; this is home to the Bedouin, a population of animal grazers. This largely uninhabited landscape is room for lots of activities like off-road car race or dirt biking and hiking.

The Good Samaritan Inn

Just like in the biblical story, this inn is a reminder of why we need to show love and compassion to our fellow human beings. However, the inn is now a beautiful architectural museum with a collection of historical artifacts and mosaic floors from the ancient Jewish tribe that once inhabited the lands.

The Dead Sea

At over 400 meters below sea level, this is the lowest point on earth and the saltiest body of water on the planet giving buoyancy to all organisms that dares to enter it. However, this parch of beauty is surrounded by myths, facts, and history. Stories are the mud found here is of immense health benefit to and on the skin, enhancing the freshness and creating an overall feeling of relaxation.

The Masada

This is an archaeological point of interest besides the Dead Sea is a massive flat-top protrusion overlooking the Dead Sea. Getting up the mountain is usually done in the mornings when the weather is refreshing. The breathtaking view at the top enables you to see the length and width of the Judean desert with the Dead Sea. Climbers can enjoy a cable car ride down the mountain instead of walking all the way to the bottom.


The oldest city in the world or the city of palms – is where Jesus was welcomed with palm fronds – a symbolic piece of history from biblical times. A visit through the city will take you through Zacheus’ Sycamore, the Tomb of Moses, and the Mountain of Temptation deep into the ancient DNA of the city. This bustling city in Israel also borders the Palestinian side of Israel and tourists are required to have their passport at hand if the tour will have you crossing the West bank

If you have plans to visit Jerusalem to Jericho on your next visit to Israel, explore Israel with Jerusalem to Jericho tours and see the most beautiful places in Israel peacefully without stress.

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