Jericho is one of the oldest cities in the world and one of the most historic places to visit in Israel. Jericho is located in the West Bank and is one of the earliest continuous settlements in the world. With a history dating back to 9000 BCE, the city of Jericho is a perfect place for tourists visiting the beautiful country of Israel. Archaeological excavations in Jericho, also known as Arīhā in Arabic holds a lengthy history and provides evidence of the first developments of permanent settlements and the first step towards civilization.

The city of Jericho is commonly known in the Bible story where the Israelites went around the great walls seven times and it came crumbling down. This is more reason why Jericho gets a large tourist visit every single year. The site of the ancient city of Jericho known today as Tell es-Sultan gets a lot of visitors from different parts of the world and is also a center of attraction to archaeologists and treasure hunters. The city’s original site was built on a hill and the results of several excavations of the ancient hill city show a city that has suffered many earthquakes.

Modern-day Jericho attracts thousands of visitors yearly because of its many attractions. It has a beautiful climate, a lot of historic sites, lots of stories about the city abound and it is a religious landmark. Touring the wonderful city of Jericho with a dedicated tour guide will be the best decision you’ll make when you visit Italy.

The Dead Sea is one of the top attractions for tourists visiting Israel. It has the lowest elevation on earth and the body of water is also the lowest anywhere in the world. It is also called the salt lake because of its high salinity. It is located between Israel and Jordan. The eastern point of the sea belongs to Jordan while the southern part of the lake belongs to Israel. When visiting Israel, you have to tour the Dead Sea, it’s a necessity. The Dead Sea receives most of its water supply from the River Jordan, which is also a major tourist attraction in Israel. Your tour of the Dead Sea involves floating on the highly-saline water body and taking great selfies. The high salt concentration makes it easy for people to float in the Dead Sea.

Touring through Jericho and ending with a detailed tour of the Dead Sea is a rollercoaster of fun-filled activities. The tour takes you through the ancient town of Jericho where you get to see the Hisham palace, the structure of the ancient walls and gates of Jericho. You’ll walk through the road shared by the Israelis and Palestinians and get the opportunity to gaze upon the settlements and desert areas. Then you move to es-Salaam (Ancient Jericho) and get to see the tree of life. This rollercoaster of activities ends in the tour of the Dead Sea. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the amazing works of nature. The Dead Sea has been known to offer breathtaking views and a natural spa. But if you want to relax in a man-made spa, there are different spa services located in the area to give you a wonderful feeling that will keep you relaxed and release the stress of the day’s activities.

To enjoy your tour, you’ll need a dedicated tour guide to set everything up and make your visit to these locations as smooth as possible. Elijah Tours is the best alternative. They offer Jericho and Dead Sea tours and tours to other parts of the beautiful nation of Israel.

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