Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about The Dead Sea

About The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the highly demanded tourist attractions in Israel. People come to visit this mysterious sea to experience floating on the water without sinking and to explore more interesting things out there. If you are going to visit this mesmerizing beauty recently, you can book your tour packages from a reliable travel agency such as which provides all the travel & tour packages in Israel. However, you should know more interesting facts about the Dead Sea you may not probably know before.

#Number1: This is Not a Sea: The Dead Sea is named as a sea but it’s not a sea actually. It is a lake situated at the lowest point on earth. It is called a sea because of its saltiest water just like typical seawater. This is the wonderful creature which meets both the desert and the sea at the lowest point which is about 423 meters below sea level. People come to visit this place to encounter the greatest mystery.

#Number2:  It does not Contain the Number 1 Saltiest Water: Though most of us might think that the Dead Sea contains the saltiest water on earth but it is the fourth number actually. The Lake Assal and the Don Juan Pond should not be forgotten as they still remain before this Dead Sea. However, The Dead Sea is the deepest hypersaline lake which is about 377 meters in depth.

#Number3: The Mystery of Floating: People are mostly attracted to this place because they can float on the water without getting sunk. This happens because of the higher density of water. This water is 10 times saltier and contains the highest density which makes people float easily.

#Number4: Physical Health Regarding the Dead Sea: It is recommended to not to stay in the water for a long time because it can be dangerous for your skin as well as health. But it is now proved that the Dead Sea is helpful in the treatment of asthma, high blood pressure, rheumatism, and other skin problems.

#Number5: A Site of Refuge Since Biblical Period: This is the historical place where King David took refuge and this is mentioned in different historical books either. So, it is considered as a great historical site as well.

Overall, the Dead Sea is a place of mystery.

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