Explore Masada- A Must-Visit Place in Israel

Visit Masada

Israel is famous for its historical witnesses and unique natural creations. People come from all around the world to visit the beauty of Israel. There are many tourist attractions and you cannot complete visiting all of them at a time. So, it is better to book tour packages from a trusted company such as Elijah tours which will provide you with different tour packages at an affordable price. Among all the tourist attraction of Israel, Masada is a must-visit place you should not forget about.

Masada is announced as the World Heritage Site from UNESCO that plays an important part in Jewish history enhancement. This is located in the Dead Sea region and this is the place where the siege of Masada took place. The Zealots took their last stand here against the Romans the history depicts. The history still talks and you will feel it when you will get to explore the mountains, museum, the paths to the summit, the fortress, and a lot more witnesses from that period.

Do not forget to visit Masada museum where you will meet all the fascinating collections found during the archaeological excavations and those will give you the ultimate view of that period. The background and entire museum are filled with Jewish history to let people understand in details.

The entire path to the summit will be a great experience for you if you walk by or there are cable cars also for your convenience. Don’t forget to enjoy the sunset or sunrise from the top of the mountain and experiencing the eternal beauty of the Dead Sea. The Northern Palace is worth visiting which is a structure on three levels. This palace is a bigger area of historical witness that contains a bath house also.

The oldest synagogues are found against the fortress walls of Masada. The Zealots modified the design and structure of it and added stone benches to it. There you will find Byzantine Church also. This is situated at the southeast side of synagogues.

The Western Palace also has attractions like the Northern Palace. Northern Palace was Herod’s private residence and Western Palace was his official residence. So, Masada is an entire place of historical sites which can be cherished for a long time. If you are willing to visit there, you should have enough time to encounter the entire fortress.

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