Bethlehem and Dead Sea tour from Jerusalem

bethlehem dead sea tour

Bethlehem and Dead Sea tour is one of the most popular tours from Jerusalem. Most of the people prefer to go ahead with this tour and enjoy all the fascinating experiences that are sent on their way. You can enjoy the fascinating neighborhood and learn a lot about history while you are going forward with this tour. Hence, it is something that you must be looking forward to enjoy. You will fall in love with every single experience that you will come across while enjoying this tour from Jerusalem.

The main reason why people make the decision to go ahead with Bethlehem and Dead Sea tour from Jerusalem is to deep dive into history. Throughout the tour, you will be exposed to lots of historical information. They include historical information related to the Holy Bible as well. On top of that, you can witness some of the most popular historical sites from your own eyes. This can deliver a perfect experience to you, which you will not forget for the rest of your life.

Here’s some more details about the Bethlehem and Dead Sea Tour that you can take part in.

Bethlehem Part of the Tour

Bethlehem is one of the most popular historical cities in the world. That’s because it is a prominent Christian site. The tour will provide you with the opportunity to set your feet in the holy land. You will also notice that Bethlehem has one of the oldest churches that you can locate out there in the world as well. During the tour, we will provide you with an introduction about the Church of Nativity and provide you with the freedom to explore the church and grab the unique experience offered by it.

When you are exploring the church, you will be able to find grotto, where Jesus Christ was born. This will be a guided tour and you can learn a lot about the history of Bethlehem. In addition to that, we will be able to take you to the Saint Catherine’s Church, which is another prominent church that you can find in the region.

Bethlehem is filled with lots of churches. Therefore, we will be taking you to few other churches that have historical importance as well. For example, you can visit The Milk Grotto Church, where the Holy Family discovered refuge while the massacre for innocents took place. Then only they could get into Egypt. You will also be able to experience the white rock of Grotto while you are spending your time in the church. It is one of the miracles that you will come across. Then we will continue with the trip and take you all the way to Beit Sahour. This is well-known as the city of Shepherds.

Beit Sahour – City of the Shepherds Field

You can find a high Christian population in the Beit Sahour city. As a result, you can also discover a large number of chapels. Among those different chapels, the Chapel of the Shepherded is the most prominent. That’s because it was the chapel where the angles went ahead and announced the birth of Jesus Christ.

Before winding up the tour in Bethlehem, you will be provided with the opportunity to get into an olive wood factory. That’s where you can deep dive and learn more about the lives of local Christians who are living in the region. You will be impressed with their stunning handicrafts as well. You can also purchase few of them and bring when you are coming back home.

The Dead Sea Part of the Tour

The second part of our tour is to take you to the Dead Sea. You must have heard lots of information about the Dead Sea. We will provide you with the chance to witness all those information while you are spending your time by the Dead Sea.

The time you spend near the Dead Sea will be a refreshing and a relaxing one. That’s because Dead Sea is one of the most unique seas out there in the world. You will never be able to get near any such sea. It is filled with healthy water, which is rich in minerals. You can experience that water during the visit to the Dead Sea as well.

Final words about Bethlehem and Dead Sea Trip

Now you have a clear understanding about the tour itinerary that you can experience when you go ahead with Bethlehem and Dead Sea tour. If you are interested in experiencing this tour, you can go ahead and sign up with us. We will deliver the opportunity to proceed with the tour and enjoy everything that comes along with it. We will also provide you with the service of an English speaking tour guide. He will explain you every single place of interest that you will come across during the tour with all relevant information.

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