An Ultimate Day Tour Guide from Jerusalem to The Dead Sea

Jerusalem to The Dead Sea day tour

If you are about to spend your holidays in a beautiful ancient city, you should think about the beautiful city of Jerusalem to The Dead Sea day tour which can become one of your most memorable trips. The day will start with the historical ancient city of Jerusalem and the tour will end up in The Dead Sea which is another unique natural wonder of the world. This day tour is one of the most popular tours and you should know the details about this as well to make your upcoming trip special.

This tour is one of the best choices for those who want to see the main tourist spots of Israel but running out of time. The first stop of your day tour will be Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives and the home of the famous Jewish cemetery where many significant Biblical events took place. You will also encounter the Old City of Jerusalem which is an attraction of the tourists. This entire day tour is about 10 hours approximately. And by this time, you will explore the Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and the local markets of the Muslim Quarter.

While leaving Jerusalem, you will encounter the south part and the most famous The Dead Sea. You will find the desert and a lower place while meeting The Dead Sea. This is not actually a sea but it’s sort of a lake. One of the saltiest seawater in the whole world, 10 times more heavy density of water, quite risky to deal with the water but still, this Dead Sea is considered as one of the greatest tourist spots among the tour lovers. You can float on the water just like that because of the highest density. But do not spend a long period in the water; it can really be very dangerous for your skin and health.

Overall, you will be guided with the tour guides from the beginning to end. You should book your tour package before your departure online so that it will be easier for you to get everything perfect on time. So starting your journey with a reliable travel agency can be your great help as they provide all the way of traveling and tours towards Israel.

Have a happy tour!

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